Get Ready

Man at sunrise ready to run Rocky River Run
Motivation is the key, no matter what your running goal is

Whether the 2024 Rocky River Run will be your first official race event or your 10th, being adequately prepared for your chosen distance will not only help you perform your best on the day but, most importantly, give you the confidence that you can make it to the finish line.

To assist you on your running journey, we’ve prepared a bunch of resources that will help you train for your chosen distance, be it 5km, 10km or 21km.

Start training for the 2024 Rocky River Run now so you can smash your goal, beat your PB and have a tonne of fun on race day!


Setting a realistic and achievable training schedule that gradually increases your mileage over time will be vital to your preparation.We recommend starting with shorter runs, and progressively build up to the target distance over 6-10 weeks prior to the event.

Check out our training programs and tips for further guidance.

Training Guide

Central Queensland Running Groups

Local running groups can be invaluable for motivation and support, providing guidance and encouragement throughout your running journey. Joining and training together with a group prior is also a great way to keep yourself accountable to your training schedule.

Running Groups

Rockhampton and Yeppoon’s best running circuits

Training on local running circuits is a fantastic way to add variety to your running routine and get comfortable running over different terrain. We’ve made a list of the region’s best running circuits, which vary in distance, elevation, and location, to help change up your running routine and get race ready.

CQ Running Circuits