Team of runners from the Cap Coast Runners at Rocky River Run
Its more than just a run, its about bringing people together

Don't want to run alone, why not enter a team? Completing the 7Rocky River Run as a team together with friends, family or colleagues offers a range of additional benefits is a great way to not only make your run more fun but also motivate each other along the way.

Self-registration allows a team captain to set up a team upon registration which will then qualify them and anyone who then joins that team to receive an automatic 10% off their initial registration fee, no link required.

If you would like to create a team, but don’t plan on participating, you can still do this. Click ENTER NOW to start the registration process. You will be taken to the registration page, just scroll to the end of the page and select ‘Non-Participating Team Captain’ and you’ll be able to set up your team.

Why Run as a Team?

Increased Motivation: There’s no better way to achieve a PB or complete your first official race than to have the support and motivation of friends or family running beside you on the day. Entering as a team can also provide fantastic motivation during pre-event training, as you’ll be more likely to train consistently and stick to your goals if you have teammates to train alongside and hold you accountable.

Fundraising Power: If you’re completing the 7Rocky River Run as a team, you can pool your resources and enhance your fundraising potential by tapping into your team’s expanded networks and ultimately, achieve higher fundraising goals. 

Stronger Team Bonds: Team fun runs are ideal for fostering stronger interpersonal connections and teamwork. Training and racing together build comraderies and a sense of unity, making it an ideal team building exercise for local businesses and corporate groups.

Friendly Competition: Depending on who you’re running with, running as team can add a fun dose of healthy competition to the race where your team members can challenge each other to perform at their best or even achieve a PB. This can make the race even more engaging and rewarding. 

Shared Achievement: There’s no better feeling than the shared sense of achievement that comes from crossing the finish line together with your family, friends or colleagues. You can then make the celebration that follows extra special too – such as a brunch, lunch or coffee break at one of the many nearby local cafes. 

How does team entry work?

When you self-register for the event online, you will be asked to nominate a captain to set up the team, which will qualify you for entry. 

Once the team is created, other participants can join your team by selecting your team’s name during registration. All team members will automatically receive 10% off their initial registration fee, no link required. 

There is no limit to the number of participants that can be in a team and team members can run any distance of their choice, meaning you’re not all limited to running the same event. 

Team Tents

Teams with 10 or more registered members are able to reserve a space along the course for their team tent free of charge.

To reserve a team tent space please complete the online form no later than Friday 10 May 2024.