Race Day Tips

Woman giving thumbs up while running in charity run in Rockhampton
Tips and tricks to achieve your goal
You've prepared for this moment for months, you've put in the hard work and have been sneakers-to-the-road on the regular. Here are our race day tips to make sure your day and race goes smoothly:
  • Be prepared. Get everything you’ll need for the event ready the night before.
  • Don’t try anything new on race day. That includes shoes, socks, clothing and food. Stick to what you know.
  • Eat breakfast two to three hours before you start and carry something light such as a piece of bread with jam, a banana, sports drink or energy bar if you think you’ll get hungry before the start.
  • Start with people who will be walking/running moving at a similar pace to you.
  • Don’t line up at the front of the race as you’ll frustrate faster runners and will get trampled.
  • Walk if you have to, you only have to go as fast as you feel comfortable with.
  • Know where your support crew is and buddy up with a friend. The best experiences are shared. Make the most of your day by being motivated by your loved ones and encouraging those around you.
  • Smile as you cross the line. You made it and your event photos will look even better with a big finisher’s grin.