Running Circuits

Couple running on Fitzroy River footpath near Quay Street and Boathouse
With a wide variety of circuits, it can be hard to choose

What are Rocky’s best running circuits

For those looking for the perfect training route, Rockhampton and Yeppoon have a wide variety of running circuits that vary in length, elevation and difficulty;

Tunuba Riverfront Circuit

An easy 5km route that follows wide paths along the riverbank, offering stunning views.

Athelstone Range & Allenstown Circuit

Conquer the challenge, relish the scenic surroundings, and celebrate your achievement with a well deserved coffee at Kinsfolk after.

Kershaw Gardens Circuit

Lace up your shoes, grab the stroller or leash, and experience the joy of this accessible and refreshing 2.5km circuit at Kershaw Gardens.

Botanic Gardens Circuit

Embark on a captivating 5km run through Rockhampton's 150+ year old Botanic Gardens - the renowned Rockhampton Parkrun circuit.

Frenchville Track/Vince Lester Walk

Lace up your shoes and conquer the Vince Lester Walk Circuit for a satisfying mix of nature and fitness.

Duthie Park and Rigalsford Park Circuit

A shaded 4.5km route that provides a cool escape on hot summer days, offering a pleasant respite from the sun.

Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail

The Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail offers an out-and-back 10km route with a slight incline and lovely bush views. It can also be easily tailored to shorter distances.

Bluff Point & Rosslyn Bay Circuit

A challenging 5km route that provides stunning views of Rosslyn Bay and the distance islands.

Gracemere Touch of Paradise Circuit

This scenic 2.5km route invites you to explore the lush gardens of the 'Touch of Paradise' park, along well maintained sections of path.

Yeppoon Foreshore Circuit

A flat and easy trail that runs along the beautiful Yeppoon Esplanade.

CQUniversity Circuit

A dynamic 5km route that offers a balanced mix of urban and campus settings and can easily be extended further towards Parkhurst for those wanting to train longer distances.