The Range & Allenstown Circuit

Runners enjoing the circuit

Embark on a challenging 5km running circuit starting at the top of the Athelstane Range and winding down to Allenstown centre. Ample parking and the nearby Kinsfolk coffee shop await for a post-run refreshment. While most of the route boasts a clear pathway, be prepared for street crossings and sections without a defined path. Experience the charm of quiet residential streets adorned with colonial homes and gardens, coupled with a picturesque view of the Berserker Ranges to the east. This is not your typical 5km—undulating terrain and over 80m of elevation make it a demanding yet rewarding run.



Elevation Gain




Starting point

Agnes Street, The Range


Suitable for wheelchairs, prams, scooters however the elevation makes it difficult

Best parking spots

Georgeson Oval

Athelstane Range & Allenstown Circuit